About Us

About Us

Our Story

In March 1981, Marios Snacks, a small pastry shop founded by Marios Kleovoulou, opened in the heart ofLimassol,Cyprus, selling an assortment of traditional pastries. Inspired by Mediterranean recipes, the pastries are handmade using natural ingredients, free of any harmful additives or preservatives.

Our hard working team is dedicated and committed to providing high quality service, and as a result we have earned our customers’ loyalty and increased our popularity throughout the years. We pride ourselves on friendly communication between our customers and staff, maintaining excellent relations and thus establishing a “solid” name in the food industry.

Although the bakery started out as a low cost family business with limited products, it gradually evolved into a modern state-of-the-art Bakery, with tasty, freshly made Mediterranean snacks to satisfy and impress our customers as well as our wholesale (ready to bake frozen pastries) clientele.

With recent investments in real estate and machinery, we have created a technologically advanced kitchen and laboratory as well as packaging facilities.

Marios Snacks has built a reliable brand and market share in the field of healthy traditional snacks and pastries, offering a variety of ready-to-eat food and delivering the same quality every single day; we find this vital to our ongoing success.

Through regular inspections and training sessions, Marios Snacks is always open to new ideas in an effort to continuously update our services and products.



Our Ingredients

We offer our customers freshly made pastries, sandwiches and salads using only pure ingredients; a fusion of Mediterranean recipes with a touch of international flavours, are available throughout the day.

We understand the importance of fine food and eating healthy products, therefore everything is handmade using carefully chosen ingredients and herbs, cut from our own garden. This allows us to bring you delicious food that’s rich in nutrients. In addition, following current trends in nutrition and diet, whole-wheat bread and pastries have been added to the menu.

Based on our experience and attendance in worldwide exhibitions, Marios Snacks constantly updates the menus.  In the recently renovated manufacturing area, we transform the highest quality raw ingredients into freshly oven-baked bread and snacks. The salads, squeezed juices and sandwiches are also prepared daily in front of our customers.


Our Philosophy

Marios’ team of authentic people, bring the very best in produce and good customer service with their knowledge, professionalism and commitment; both business to business (B2B) and business to customers (B2C). This direct contact is friendly and most importantly, sincere.

Our goal is to grow further with a presence in every corner of the world where customers will enjoy these tasty, authentic, Mediterranean snacks!


Giving Back


Marios Snacks supports local charity organizations and ensures that at the end of each day our surplus food finds its way to families in need. Many charities collect directly from our shop delivering our products.

Caring for the environment

We are committed to using environmentally friendly packaging where possible and we try to reduce the number of plastic bags given away each day. There is a recycling scheme in operation as well as recycling facilities in store for our customers and employees.



Through ISO 22000:2005 Marios Snacks managed to:

  • Provide employees with an understanding of the importance of producing safe food
  • Reduce spoilage costs
  • Help reduce and possibly eliminate food safety liabilities
  • Improve consistency in product quality and safety
  • Improve business that relies on compliance with HACCP
  • Give customers increased confidence regarding food safety
  • Demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Show commitment to manage food safety hazards and risks
  • Integrate easily with other standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Improve recognition as a supplier of choice throughout the global food chain
  • Reduce the chances of product recalls
  • Provide assurance that control systems are in place to assure the safe production / supply of food, thus enhancing consumers’ and stakeholders’ confidence
  • Demonstration of due diligence in meeting food safety legislations and regulations
  • Facilitate the identification of process improvements
  • Facilitate better understanding of food safety issues throughout Marios Snacks